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Yes, This Is the Sun Room You Want!

source:NorthGlass type:Company News date:2020-04-30


Modern and charming

The way of life here is different

The open space can be filled with trees, ponds and stones

You can have the whole sky and prairie

You can even have spring,summer,autumn and winter

Such an incredible architecture

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The modern sun room originated in England. In the early days, the sun room was usually built in classical and Gothic style, which were built of masonry structure with large windows and glass roofs. Since 1746, the British government began to levy a high glass tax. At that time, only the nobles with great wealth were able to build the sun rooms. In fact, in the middle ages, owning a sun room was no less than owning a luxurious villa in modern times.

By the end of the 19th century, steel structure and curved glass were used more and more widely, and the style of sun room became more and more varied.

Since entering the 21st century, with the improvement of the domestic economic level and people’s yearning and pursuit of high quality life, sun room has developed rapidly in China.

Tianjin NorthGlass has spent two years to build a modern glass sun room - a large-span super glass sun room, which is mainly used for exhibition, reception and meetings. The glass of the whole structure is divided into three system solutions: daylighting roof, southwest facade and northeast facade. Different glass configurations are adopted according to the time and temperature changes of sun exposure: the roof adopts ultra-clear heat mirror triple silver Low-E laminated insulating glass and 8000x2000mm extra-large span glass, which not only ensures the roof lighting, but also makes the roof glass keep clean for years; the ultra-clear structural glass is used as the railing around the corridor, with a length of nearly 18 meters; the four facades of the sun room are all sliding doors that can be opened to account for 70% of the total perimeter, which is convenient for ventilation.




NorthGlass sun room adopts the structure of double glass four cavities, and the inner part adopts the imported heat mirror, with the same thermal insulation performance, but the overall weight of the glass is reduced by more than 50%. According to the measurement, the shading coefficient (SC value) of the four curtain walls of the NorthGlass sun room is 0.15, the heat transfer coefficient (U value) is 0.4, and the transmission of ultraviolet ray is close to 0.

"Due to the limitation of technical and technological level, the effect of many traditional sun rooms is not ideal. It's either too cold in winter or too hot in summer. I just want to take advantage of our professional knowledge and technical ability to build a comfortable sun room in the hottest summer and the coldest winter," said Gao Qi, vice president of NorthGlass and general manager of Tianjin NorthGlass, “After the completion of the NorthGlass sun room, many customers came to Tianjin NorthGlass for inspection, and the evaluation of the NorthGlass sun room was very high. Last summer, many Japanese and Hong Kong customers came to our company. As soon as they entered the sun room, they strongly suggested that the meeting should be held here. The response was beyond my expectation. "


The fixed indoor decoration of the sun room forms a sharp contrast with the surrounding landscape that changes with the weather and seasons, and the close contact with nature makes people linger. The design style of ultra-modernism gives people endless imagination. It carries the enjoyment of beauty, and let people bathe in the natural air, and enjoy peace and comfort.


With the classic collocation, great originality from the outside to the inside and the persistence of details, not only makes the glass of NorthGlass look like a work of art, but also makes the sun room bright and shining! NorthGlass is committed to producing high-quality glass for luxury houses, villas and hotels, and will also reposition the high-end door and window market.