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塑料制品 Plastic Products

南京精工新材料成立于2009年10月,位于江苏溧水宁溧高科技产业园区,是一家专业生产适用于润滑油、日化、食品、医药、饮料等行业的PE瓶、PET瓶以及各类塑料包装的大型现代化塑业公司。精工研发技术力量雄厚,并拥有优异的产品外观、功能化设计水平,满足不同客户多样化的个性需求。 Founded in October 2009 in Ningli High-Tech Industrial Park Lishui District, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Gracious New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gracious New Material") is a large modern plastic company specializing in the production of PE bottles, PET bottles, and all kinds of plastic packaging suitable for lubricating oil, daily chemical, food, medicine, beverage, and other industries. Gracious New Material with its R&D team, is strong in technical development. The company excels in its product appearance and highly functional design level, which can meet the diverse individual needs of different customers.

卓越的制造能力 Excellent manufacturing capability

拥有中空吹塑设备共30台,及配套全自动贴标机,热转印机,年产能3600万只。并且拥有技术领先的雅琪全自动三层共挤吹塑设备,生产效率高,产品质量稳定。 Gracious New Material has 30 sets of hollow blow molding equipment in total, supporting automatic labeling machines, and thermal transfer printers, with an annual production capacity of 36 million. Furthermore, it has the state-of-the-art Akei full-automatic three-layer coextrusion blow molding equipment, which is highly efficient in production and stable in product quality.

每台吹塑设备均配备B&R,BECKOFF高精度伺服液压壁厚控制系统,可以实现对壁厚连续监控,保证产品质量。 Each blow molding equipment is equipped with B&R, BECKOFF high-precision servo-hydraulic wall-thickness-control system, which can realize continuous monitoring of wall thickness and ensure product quality.

拥有10万平米级净化厂房,可为医疗、食品行业塑料包装生产提供有效卫生保障。 Gracious New Material has a 100,000-square-meter purification plant, which can provide effective health protection for plastic packaging production for the medical and food industries.

专业的检测能力 Professional Testing Ability

r Gracious New Material has an independent product quality laboratory
and a complete set of testing equipment.
It strictly tests the raw materials and products
according to the national standards.

Gracious New Material is one of the few companies
that employ the visual inspection system in China.
Each product has been tested by a multi-channel high-precision leak detector,
and strictly abides by various performance testing standards during the testing process.

发展里程碑 Development Milestones


精工产品 Precision Products

车化品包装 Automotive Chemicals Packaging
医用包装 Medical Packaging
日化包装 Packaging of Daily Chemical Products
危化品包装 Hazardous Chemicals Packaging
医用包装 Medical Packaging
日化包装 Packaging of Daily Chemical Products
危化品包装 Hazardous Chemicals Packaging

合作客户 Cooperative Clients